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Dead Rising 5 Scaled Back as Capcom Sacks 50 Vancouver Studio Employees

Capcom is looking to scale back on then next Dead Rising game (presumably Dead Rising 5) as it has fired a large number of the Vancouver-based studio that has been tending to the series since Dead Rising 2.

According to Kotaku, an anonymous source at the company has revealed that Capcom has sent 50 employees packing in an effort to reduce costs at the studio. The bad news is that, well, 50 people are now looking at eating their savings until they can find a job. The other bad news – but not as bad as 50 people being made unemployed – is that Capcom has cancelled an unannounced game, and that Dead Rising 5’s production has been scaled back. Whatever that means.

It’s always sad to hear of people losing their jobs and we hope they all find gainful employment in the near future. As for Capcom, well, we hope Dead Rising 5 isn’t crap, but that’s by the by.


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