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Deals: Farpoint for PSVR Pre-Order Reduced to $60

Say whaaaaat? Sorry, we’re professionals. Honest. Farpoint, the upcoming first-person shooter for the PSVR that utilises the PS Aim controller, has been reduced on ahead of its release. Why? We’ve no idea and we don’t really care.

Farpoint and the PS Aim controller come bundled together, and as of recently they’ve been priced at $79.99 with almost every major retailer. However, Amazon has today reduced the pre-order price to a more reasonable $60.48. Not bad for the game and the big plastic gun thingy, right?

Farpoint is due to release on May 16th for the PS4/PSVR. We’ll be bringing you our review soon, so be sure to check back in with Pure PlayStation to find out if it’s any good or not. We’re hoping it’s good. Please let it be good…

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