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Deals: Up to 50% Off PSVR Games on Amazon (North America)

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Normally these kinds of posts are reserved for PSN deals (as they come to frequently) but we’re breaking away from the norm and we’re hitting you with some offers on physical games. Games you can lick with your own tongue, or perhaps invite a friend to lick for you. Whatever. Point is that these are games that you’ll be able to display with pride in your geek area.

Amazon (North America) is throwing PSVR gamers a decent bone by cutting down the prices of a fair few PSVR games – some by up to 50%. The real standout offer, at least in the mind of this editor, is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for a penny under a tenner. For that price you’re getting a helluva deal.

You can find the offers over on Amazon by clicking through here. Be sure to check back in with Pure PlayStation for more PSVR news, reviews, and deals.

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