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Destiny 2 Trailer is All About Story, Lore and Looting

The big complaint many had with Destiny was that it was a little light on story content. Okay, it was absolutely awful in that department, and if you wanted to get into the game’s lore you had to fire up the official website and poke around a few readable pieces. It was crap, basically.

Bungie is looking to fix its past mistakes with Destiny 2 by including some missions that expand on the game’s lore and give story-hungry players something to digest between frantic raids and battles. The latest Destiny 2 trailer may only be a minute long, but it does just enough to convince us that the game will do a better job than its predecessor. You’ll go on ‘adventures’ to learn more about the game’s worlds and heroes, all the while collection loot. Sounds good, if that’s your thing…

Destiny 2 will release on PS4 this September 6th. We’ll probably get around to reviewing it if we can pull ourselves away from the game long enough to write a few coherent sentences…


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