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Destiny 2 Will Have Players Complaining There’s Too Much Story, Says Bungie

The developer behind Destiny – Bungie – is well-known for crafting some of the most intriguing stories in gaming. Not with Destiny, obviously, but with its former gig running the Halo franchise.

Bungie kinda took a step backwards (read: a running jump backwards) with the story in the original Destiny, but now the studio is “ready to tell stories” with Destiny 2, as noted by the developers during a chat with IGN in the video embedded above.

The developers spend a bit too much time skirting around the fact that the first game’s story was, shall we say, shite, but they do at least seem sincere in their intentions with Destiny 2. They’re so sincere that they hope players will complain about their being too much story in the upcoming sequel. We guess there are worse things to complain about…

Destiny 2 will release on PS4 this September 6th.

Will you be complaining about too much story, or are you all for a decent narrative? Weave a tale down in the comments section below.


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