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Destiny: The Taken King Gets PS Plus Discount on PSN, More Minor Deals Added

After yesterday’s big reveal of Destiny: Rise of Iron, Activision and Sony have dropped the prices of Destiny: The Taken King on PS4 and PS3. Not bad, eh?

With the new expansion only a few months away it makes sense to make the price of entry a little more appealing to those who’ve still not bothered with the sci-fi lite-MMO.

The better news is that PS Plus members can save a bit more money than regular chumps. We’re down with that. If Destiny isn’t on your radar, there’s a handful of other new prices on a few games across PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. As always, the full list is below.

% Off Game and Platform Now/Was PS Plus Price
−38% Destiny: The Taken King $34.79    $24.79
PS3™ $39.99
−67% Dungeons & Dragons®: Chronicles of Mystara™ $4.94    $4.94
PS3™ $14.99
−74% Street Fighter® III: Third Strike Online Edition $3.89    $3.89
PS3™ $14.99
−66% Commander Cherry for PlayStation®Camera $4.75    $4.75
PS4™ $13.99
−51% Destiny: The Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition $49.59    $39.19
PS4™ $79.99
−44% Destiny: The Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition $49.69    $39.19
PS3™ $69.99
−91% Wicked Monsters Blast! HD $0.89    $0.89
PS3™ $9.99
−67% AeternoBlade $4.94    $4.94
PS4™ $14.99
−67% AeternoBlade $4.94    $4.94
PS Vita $14.99
−60% AeternoBlade Platinum Bundle $7.99    $7.99
Platinum Bundle $19.99

Update: A couple more deals have been added since we posted this article. Mortal Kombat X on PS4 is down to $29.99, Adam’s Venture: Origins is down to $37.49 for Plus members, and Table Top Racing: World Tour is down to $14.99. The last one was actually a freebie with PlayStation Plus’ June offering.

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