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Dimension Hunter for PSVR Gets a Buzzing Launch Trailer… With No PSVR Release Date

Here’s an odd one: Dimension Hunter has an official launch trailer, yet it still doesn’t have a PS4/PSVR release date. Hmm. Well, it’s not that strange, actually, as the game is confirmed to release on September 22nd for PC, though the PS4 release date is still up in the air.

Still, at least we have a shooty-bang-bang trailer to gawp over until the game actually releases. The developer behind the game, Pocket Money Games, has said that the PSVR build is finished, it has PSVR Aim Controller support but… Sony hasn’t got back to the developer as of yet. Providing there aren’t any game-breaking bugs or some glitches that’ll turn your PS4 into a killer robot, we expect we’ll see Dimension Hunter release before the year is out.

Dimension Hunter is an over-the-top shooter that allows for either an on-the-rails or free movement experience with fast-paced shooting gameplay and some sweet comic book style graphics. It looks decent enough, so be sure to check out our review around the time of the game’s release.


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