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Dino Frontier Brings Jurassic Management to PSVR This August 1st, 20% Discount for PS Plus Pre-Orders

Less than 12 months ago saw Uber Entertainment announce its second PSVR game, Dino Frontier. Ever since then there hasn’t been much news to come out about the game, though if you were at this year’s E3 then you may have had the chance to go hands on with a demo.

Out of nowhere, Uber Entertainment has announced today that Dino Frontier will be releasing on August 1st for PS4/PSVR. The game will cost $29.99/£29.99 at launch, though PS Plus members can pre-order now and get a 20% discount. PS Plus pays for itself, doesn’t it?

If you’ve no idea what Dino Frontier is, here’s a quick run down: It’s a game where the Old West and the Jurassic period collide. You’re the overseeing Big Mayor. You’re in charge of your old-timey settlement and it’s down to you to keep it ticking along. The game is played from a table-top perspective, so in a similar manner to Tethered and Korixe. The developers have stated that the controls will be really easy to use and that moving around the world and interacting with the citizens and dinos alike will be intuitive without being over-complicated.

If that little description didn’t do it for you, then just go and have a look at the trailer embedded up above. It’ll give you a good idea as to how the game plays.

Is this one on your VR radar, or have you got your sights on something else? Do the dinosaur down the in the comments below.


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