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DiRT 4 Won’t Have PSVR Support At Launch, Possibly Post-Release

The team over at Codemasters has done a cracking job at bringing PSVR functionality to DiRT Rally, but don’t expect that same experience to translate to DiRT 4 – or at least not on release day.

The developer has been busy answering questions posed by fans over on a YouTube video about the game where one fan asked if PSVR support would be available for DiRT 4. Codemasters replied saying:

DiRT 4 won’t be PS VR ready at launch, as until then we’re focusing on making the base game as best it can be. However, it’s definitely something we’re considering once that’s done. Don’t worry – we’ll keep you posted on any updates on that front!

So it’s not going to be there on Day 1, but there’s every chance we’ll see it a little further down the line. Whether it’ll be a free update or paid-for add-on like DiRT Rally, remains to be seen. Naturally we’d prefer to see the PSVR functionality not be locked behind a pay wall, though we’ll have to wait and see.

Would you be up for DiRT 4 in PSVR, or did DiRT Rally have you throwing your guts up? Reach into the virtual comments and leave your thoughts.

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