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Discern Reality from Delusion in Akiba’s Beat Story Trailer

A new story trailer for the “satirical JRPG”, Akiba’s Beat, begins with an obviously tricky character in a top hat and cape. Clearly knowing more than he is ready to reveal, he explains that we are all trapped in a delusion or reality. Only our perspective makes the difference. (As an aside, why any anime characters ever trust this type of guy is beyond us, but we will save that discussion for the future Pure Anime site that will never be created.)

Akiba’s Beat is the spiritual successor to Akiba’s Trip. This game is rated for teens (US rating), instead of mature, and it focuses much more on story. Set in Akihabara (Akiba to the “too cool for school” kids in this game), you will play as Asahi Tachibana, and your group will be eliminating everything that does not match reality in order to escape a Groundhog Day-esque time loop that keeps you repeating one Sunday. It could have been a Monday, the day you had a root canal, or the day you had a prostate exam scheduled, so Sunday is not so bad.

In order to accomplish your goal, you will have to open dungeons named “Delusionscapes” by talking to the local residents. Once inside the dungeon, your party will fight monsters named “delusions” with an action-based combat style.

You will be able to fight the delusions on the PS4 or the PS Vita when Akiba’s Beat is released¬†on May 16th in North America and May 19th in Europe.

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XSEED Games Press Release

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