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Don’t Expect God of War to Have Lots of DLC Post-Release

We finally know when we’ll be slaying fools and taking our digital kid for a walk in the woods thanks to Sony’s announcement that God of War will release on PS4 this April 20th. Yep. 4.20. (Huehue.)

What wasn’t mentioned in the announcement was whether or not we’ll be getting a slew of DLC once Kratos has been let loose on PS4. The good news is that there is no Season Pass nonsense going on. The bad news is that it probably means we won’t be getting much in the way of post-release content, though the usual bug fixes and general updates are to be expected.

It’s a strange one, really. On one hand we gamer loves to hate Season Passes and pricey DLC. On the other hand, we really want our stories to continue, so we end up moaning when there isn’t DLC. We’re a hard bunch to please, that’s for sure.

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