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DONTNOD Wants You to Meet the Man and the Monster in their Vampyr Webseries

DONTNOD’s Vampyr dropped a teaser for their upcoming four part series on YouTube. Starting on January 18th, they will post one new episode every week. Each episode will run for five minutes and focus on new gameplay and the studio’s decisions while making the game. It promises to take you into the studio and give you the inside scoop.

In Vampyr, you play a doctor who was recently transformed into a vampire, so it’s not just a clever name. This RPG is set in early 20th century London with the Spanish Flu epidemic ravaging everyone in its wake. You can choose which characters you will kill or help to save, and each choice will have consequences. You will also be able to use different weapons and vampire powers (glittery chests of distraction are not mentioned).

Based in Paris, DONTNOD was the developer of Remember Me and the episodic Life is Strange. They are also currently working on a new IP with Bandai Namco with a reveal coming later this year.

A game’s development can be just as interesting as the game itself. This has led to publishers, small and large, pulling back the curtain a little for mini documentaries to showcase an upcoming project. It creates some buzz, answers questions, and may help us to know if a certain game is our next obsession.

Give the teaser a watch and get ready to learn more about the balance of being a doctor with a responsibility to save and a creature of the night with a constant thirst.

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