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DontNod’s Latest Game, Vampyr, Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

The Life is Strange developer is taking a complete left turn with their latest project. Set in a dark, depressing world Vampyr has you controlling a doctor who has just recently been turned into the creature of legend. You will get to see this in the Gamescom gameplay trailer below. DontNod released a full fifteen minute segment of footage that could have been found at the famous event (Gamescom) last week. A vile flu is running through a town like wildfire and on top of that there are monsters in the shadows. It’s still in pre-alpha so the gameplay, dialogue choices, battle system, and blood reading ability may change. However, Vampyr looks like a splendidly, macabre piece of art and we can’t wait to see more of it. The current release date is scheduled for some time in 2017. Enjoy the video below.


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