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DONTNOD’S Vampyr Releasing June 5th

The fourth episode of Vampyr’s behind the scenes look dropped today, and we finally have a release date. On June 5th, you can sink your teeth into anyone in a version of 1918 London. Maybe you will feel bad about it, as you hear their last thoughts, and maybe you will want dessert.

In Episode four, the developers talk about how to involve the player in the world and story and how its different from other mediums. The true game changer (literally) is the controller. It gives the player a closer relationship with what is happening on screen, and they liken it to theater.

Instead of a film, the emotions are exaggerated a little more with faster responses from characters. They use this to put the player in the center of this world and set the stage for many of the encounters.

Vampyr has some compelling ideas. Each kill has a consequence. Even though you are a doctor caring for the sick, you can no longer believe in science alone as you track down the reason for your transformation. You will encounter both the higher and lower human and vampire societies and make choices in your interactions.

We look forward to giving you our review of Vampyr as soon as it is available. Until June 5th, keep your stakes sharp and your garlic handy.

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