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Doom Gets A Launch Trailer

Doom’s launch trailer has landed and features who we can assume to be the protagonist using a whole arsenal of different guns to mow down hordes of demons… which is exactly what we hoped for. The game will release on the 13th of May in just 6 days and is still available to pre-order and receive the Demon Multiplayer Pack.

Instead of trying to change the franchise into something it’s not, the developers (id Software) and Bethesda have decided to try and take the series back to it’s beginnings, and create a Doom to give you the nice sense of nostalgia that takes you back to the older games just with considerably better graphics. The beta gave users a taste for the fast paced online multiplayer that recieved some mixed reviews, but the presumably brutal story mode still remains a mystery. Hopefully some of the aspects of the game that users were disappointed with can be tweaked before release, that is what a Beta is for after all. Finally Bethesda has revealed that you will need roughly 50GB of hard drive space to install Doom on your PS4. You can check out the launch trailer below, also worth noting is that the robot in the trailer says “You’ve Returned”… potentially a sequel to a previous Doom?


Jake has been boring his friends with PlayStation news and trivia for years now so it’s about time he puts his thoughts and knowledge into words for you lot to appreciate…. hopefully.

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