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Doom Wants You to Fight Like Hell in New Cinematic Trailer

Bethesda has been busy over the last few years. We’ve had Fallout 4 and its recently released Automatron DLC, and in just a few weeks time we’ll be getting a truly next-gen Doom game that’ll make our 10-year old wonder how we ever played with such rudimentary graphics with the orignal game.

Bethesda has released a new cinematic trailer in the run up to the game’s release and, although the music leaves a lot to be desired, it’s actually a really well done bit of videography. The trailer is embedded down below so give it a look and see what’s what. We recommend turning the music down a touch; it’s truly awful.

Doom will release on PS4 and other platforms this May 13th. We’re quaking in our little cotton socks.

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