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Dragon Quest Builders Demo Available Now

If the PSN sales today were not enough to get you to turn on your PS4 or dust off your Vita, we may have the answer. That is assuming the question is where can I get a mix of cute RPG, Minecraft, and tower defense in one game.

A demo for Dragon Quest Builders has hit Sony consoles today, and it looks really interesting. The game has the same cartoony style common to Dragon Quest and features the trademark slimes.

After a magical king of the monsters takes over the land (we hate when that happens), people are forced to wander with no home of their own. You will help your fellow fantasy world inhabitants by making different structures, helping people through quests, and general heroic actions suitable for RPGs. You also will attack monsters directly and defend your town from hordes of monster attacks.

The game will release on October 11th for PS4 and Vita, and you see more of the game in this colorful trailer.


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