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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Getting Current Generation Release This Fall

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will continue the trend of previous generation games getting a re-release on current consoles when it launches on PlayStation 4 this Fall.

Capcom’s announcement comes five years after its initial launch on PS3, but lacks any further detail such as what enhancements or price point we can expect.

They said:

Featuring a variety of unique classes, a robust system of AI-controlled companions called Pawns and intense real-time combat from the designers behind the Devil May Cry series, this epic masterwork took our hearts by surprise and quickly became a fan-favorite.

So, if you missed the original releases on PS3 and X360, or the PC version from early 2016, this is the perfect chance to journey on to the fantastical world of Gransys in search of the dragon who very literally plucks your heart from your chest and flies away.

The game came about in 2008, growing from a seed first planted in 2000, after the studio asked for a new IP. Their desire was to create a new genre, and Dragon’s Dogma captured Capcom’s own Monster Hunter with external influences of Fable, blending the best of previous RPGs that the team (150 of them) had enjoyed. It hit the shelves in 2012.

Dark Arisen was the enhanced version, launched in 2013, featuring a new explorable area and fast travel system alongside all previously released DLC.

They enjoyed combined sales of 2.3 million units by late 2015.

Is it an enhancement? Is it a remake? Unfortunately we will have to await further news in order to learn more. But we shouldn’t have to wait long as Fall is only one season away.

Does Dragon’s Dogma rank in all time best list? Did you miss it last time and can’t wait to pre-order? Maybe you’re looking forward to grinding your way back to Level 100. Let us know. l


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