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DriveClub Developers Starting Work on New IP This Month

It was a real bummer when Sony announced that it was closing down Evolution Studios, the team behind DriveClub, but by the looks of things Evolution’s people have landed very much on their collective feet with many of them taking jobs at Codemasters.

Pual Rustchynsky, the guy who was DriveClub’s game director and public face through the good times and the bad, has revealed that he and his team will start work on a new IP at the end of this month. It’s still early days, mind you, so don’t expect to see or hear anything anytime soon. It’s also worth noting that the game is going to be a multiplatform release so it won’t be exclusive to PS4 like DriveClub was.

So, what can you expect from the developers of DriveClub? We can tell you now that it won’t be a follow up to the PS4 exclusive as Sony owns the rights to DriveClub, but we’re gonna guess it’s going to be something to do with cars. Yeah, we’re going with the safe option.

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