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Drunkn Bar Fight Coming to PSVR on February 13th [Updated]

From February 13th you no longer need to go down to your local boozer to get in a pissed-up fist fight. Drunkn Bar Fight, the VR bar fighting simulator, will be releasing on PS4/PSVR this February 13th.

The premise of the game is really simple. You’re in a pub and your task is to knock out as many other drunken fools as you can. You can use different objects to aid in your quest for being a drunken arse, so if you’ve ever fantasized about smashing someone over the head with a pint glass, you can now live out that fantasy without the jail time or associated costs. Sounds like a fair bit of fun to us.

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Drunkn Bar Fight released in 2016 on Steam for PCVR where it was met with positive reviews. We’re hoping that the translation from PC to PSVR will be smooth, though we’ll have to wait and see. Be sure to check back in with Pure PlayStation next week for our review.

Update: We’ve since heard back from the developer that Drunkn Bar Fight will release a week later in Europe.


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