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Dying Light DLC #0 Coming to Console in September, Techland Launches Own Digital Platform

Techland has announced today, via press take, that its first piece of free Dying Light DLC will be dropping on consoles this September.

The free update will add a new faction of soldiers to the Old Town, as well as a new Zombie type. We’ll also see a new player outfit called ‘Hunted alongside a new weapon, ‘Harran Military Rifle’. However, the weapon will only be unlocked for those that sign up for Techland’s new distribution platform, Gemly.

DLC #0 will be the first of 10 free DLC updates that will release over the course of the next 12 months. That’s one way to get players to keep hold of their game, right? It’s definitely made us think twice about donating the game to the local kid’s hospital.


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