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Dynasty Warriors 9 Slays Thousands of Fools on February 8th in Japan

Dynasty Warriors 9 has a release date, though at the moment it’s only for Japan. Koei Tecmo has announced today that Dynasty Warriors 9 will launch of February 8th in the publisher’s native land of Japan.

For those desperate to play the game ahead of its official release in North America, the UK, and Europe, it means you’ll be able to import a copy via Amazon, or get the digital version with a Japanese PSN account on that day. The latter is a bit fiddly, granted, but it’s better than waiting a couple of weeks for the game to arrive in the mail.

For the rest of us here in the West, Dynasty Warriors 9 is slated to release in “early 2018”, according to Koei Tecmo, though no solid release date has been announced as of yet. Heck, it could end up being around the same time.

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Koei Tecmo Press Release

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