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E3 2016: Batman: Arkham VR Game Announced

This was unexpected. Rocksteady and PlayStation have teamed up to deliver a PSVR exclusive Batman: Arkham game. There was a trailer, which you can view below, but it doesn’t show any gameplay. What it does have is some pretty cool shots with the camera panning around Batman’s suit while the Joker delivers a monologue in the background. The game will be launching this October so presumably it will be a PlayStation VR launch title.

Nobody spoke about the game during the conference so we have no idea what it will be. Our best guess is it will be some kind of combat challenge map, akin to those in the Arkham games. The PSVR headset will more than likely act as Batman’s cowl; allowing you to put it on and become the Dark Knight in a first person view. However, that’s just a guess and we don’t really know anything about the game, but it’s unlikely to be a full new Arkham game.


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