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E3 2016: Bend’s New Game Is Days Gone – Trailer And Gameplay Inside

We haven’t heard from Sony’s Bend Studio since they released Uncharted: Golden Abyss way back when the PS Vita first launched. They’re finally ready to start talking and have revealed what they’ve been working on behind the scenes all this time. The game is called Days Gone. It’s a third-person zombie survival game in which you play as a motorbiking bounty hunter.

PlayStation showed off a pretty cool trailer for the game early on in their E3 2016 conference which you can check out right below this paragraph. Then below that you’ll find the ten minutes of gameplay they used to end the conference. The gameplay looks pretty good as it shows the protagonist climbing, scavenging and shooting his way through the game’s environment. The zombies look pretty easy to kill but the sheer amount of them makes them a huge threat as you’ll see at the end of the video. Seriously, there’s a s#*t ton of zombies!

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