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E3 2016: Mr. Shifty Announced For 2017 Release

Mr. Shifty is a new top down stealth game coming to the PS4 sometime in 2017. It will be the debut title from ‘Team Shifty’ a small Australian development team who formerly worked at Halfbrick together. The word ‘stealth’ is usually associated with being slow but Mr. Shifty is anything but slow, it features fast paced battles requiring a lot of quick thinking and chaining your moves together to take your enemies down in a smooth flow. Mr. Shifty however, isn’t interested in all that tech we usually see in stealth/infiltration games and instead likes to keep it old school with Kung Fu style fighting and just his fists to get into anywhere.

Although sticking to just his fists or sometimes picking up melee weapons, Mr. Shifty can also teleport short distances and through walls which actually does not make things quite as easy as it sounds. It only takes one bullet to take Mr. Shifty down instead of the usual hailstorm of bullets a protagonist can take before he bites the dust. This puts a huge emphasis on careful planning, traps and quickly executing your plan to remove any and all threats. Check out the announcement trailer down below and then let us know what you think of Team Shifty’s debut title.

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