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E3 2016: New God Of War Gameplay

Pacing is everything and Sony perfected it at PlayStation’s 2016 E3 Press Conference yesterday. They got the show rolling by opening with footage of the new God of War. No not a trailer, ten minutes of actual gameplay. We don’t know what the bearded protagonist is called so for convenience we’ll call him the Kratos Mark 2.

We’ll let you check out the gameplay for yourself just below but first let’s talk about a few things to keep an eye out for while watching. Firstly, the Greek gods are out and the Norse ones are in which confirms all previous rumours. The Kratos Mark 2 bares a lot of similarities to the original including the red tattoos but he doesn’t seem to be quite as angry – at least not at this point in the game. He also has a son who is present for the duration of the demo. It looks like the player will have full camera control this time around, which is great because judging by this demo the game appears to be open world. The Mark 2 also uses and axe as his primary weapon instead of the original’s blades.

There’s a hell of a lot more to take on board in the demo but we’ll let you pick it apart for yourself. As always God of War’s graphics are beautiful, check them out in the demo below and let us know what you think of the reboot down in the comments.


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