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E3 2016: New Prey Game Announced – Trailer Inside

Many millenniums ago (okay that may be a slight exaggeration) a little game known as Prey 2 was announced. It was a sequel to a game that only a few of us ever heard of. However, despite that gamers all over the world were hyped for Prey 2 and the excitement was through the roof. Then no new news came from the studio working on the game and Prey 2 began to slip into obscurity with its name only being mumbled on a few podcasts every now and then until the game was eventually officially cancelled.

Then the unexpected happened. Last night (or during the day depending on where you live) Bethesda announced a new game in the series simply known as Prey. The fact that there’s no number or subtitle suggests that Prey will be a reboot of the series. The new Prey will be a first-person physiological thriller. We don’t have much more information on the game for the time being bar it’s being worked on by the guys and girls in Arkane Studios. After the first Dishonored was released Arkane was split in two and one part of the studio began working on Dishonored 2 while the other began developing Prey. We do not have a release date for the new game at the moment but we do have the very first trailer for Prey down below.


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