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E3 2016: The New God of War Was Almost Set in Egypt

Kratos is coming back in a big way on PS4 but not quite in the way that we’ve gotten to know the angry bald dude. Instead of seeing more Greek Gods get their arses handed to them by Kratos, we’re going to see something a little different.

Sony revealed the new God of War during its E3 presser and showed that it’s going to take place in a different part of the world with a different set of Gods getting their behinds slapped by a bearded Kratos.

But that wasn’t always going to be the case.

Cory Balrog of Santa Monica Studios opened up a bit during a recent panel at this year’s E3 and told how the studio was split between the Egyptian and the now-confirmed Nordic setting.

“Egyptian mythology was the other one and half the team was way into that,” he said. “All of them had great reasons. I think, for me, as I looked at both of those, Egyptian mythology is about the pharaohs as embodiments of the Gods on Earth and there’s a lot more about civilisation – it’s less isolated, less barren. I think at this time, we really wanted to focus on Kratos.”

Damn it. As cool as the new God of War looks, we can’t help but feel a tad let down in not having Kratos scaling the pyramids or slapping some Egyptian Gods around. Ah well.

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