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E3 2016: Watch The Entire PlayStation E3 Press Conference Right Here

Wow. Just wow. PlayStation’s E3 2016 press conference delivered great content after great content from beginning to end. They really didn’t miss a beat this year. Sure some people will be disappointed with the lack of new hardware shown, especially after Microsoft’s conference. However, what PlayStation did has was games and tons of them. It all kicked off with a ten minute look at some gameplay from the new God of War and ended with ten minutes of Bend Studio’s new game Days Gone. In between we had an awesome look at PlayStation VR, Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7 and Spider Man to name but a few.

If you missed the conference live then don’t worry because Pure PlayStation has you covered. You can check out the entire conference down below. There is about 30 minutes of pre-show content so if you want to just watch the conference itself skip forward to around the 27:50 mark.

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