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E3 2017: Go Super Saiyan on Majin Buu in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Have you worked your way through the last Dragon Ball Z game? Are you looking for something a little more 2D? Dragon Ball FighterZ has a new gameplay video showing a fight with everyone’s favorite chewed bubble gum looking villain, Majin Buu, before showing the unstoppable Frieza and a little bit of Cell.

With 3 vs 3 battles, you pick your team, and rain down destruction, shoot devastating energy rays, or go old school, and just beat them with punches and kicks.

The 2D animated fighter is being developed by Arc System Works, the developers behind the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series, so this is not its first rodeo. As you can tell from the gameplay, there are beautiful animations and effects.

Dragon Ball FighterZ (still struggling with that Z at the end) will be kamehameha-ing its way onto your PS4 early next year.

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Bandai Namco Press Release

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