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E3 2017: NBA Live ’18 Dribbles on to Stage in New Trailer, Demo Announced

NBA Live ’18 was on display during EA’s press conference following its announcement last month.

This year’s edition boasts two years worth of blood, sweat and tears in enhancing its gameplay. And from the trailer alone we can see just how improved dribbling has become. You can see it for yourself in the video above as the Golden State Warriors square up to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

EA also spent time describing “The One”. No, they’re not Cupid, and no, they can’t help you with your awkward dating profile. They’re talking about your quest to become a basketball legend, earning respect whether you’re playing on the court or off it. Take on the legends and win, and you’ll walk away with new gear.

If all this sounds like a slam dunk then you will be pleased to know a demo is heading your way this August. Stay tuned for more news.


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