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E3 2017: New God of War Trailer Wasn’t Running on PS4 Pro

Last night Sony showed off a brand new trailer for Kratos’ semi-reboot in God of War for PS4. The trailer was fairly spectacular and gave us a look at the game in action with some real gameplay, though there were also a few cut scene moments thrown in for good measure.

We assumed that every game shown during Sony’s E3 presser would have been running on the PS4 Pro; seeing as Sony wants to sell as many as possible, it’s not a completely unthinkable thing to think. Try saying that five times fast. While some games were shown running on PS4 Pro, God of War wasn’t one of them.

According to the developers behind God of War, the game was running on a bog-standard PS4 console, though the goal is for the game to take full advantage of the PS4 Pro. That means you can expect a performance bump (no, don’t even think 60fps…) and some fancier graphical effects with God of War running on PS4 Pro.


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