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E3 2017: The Inpatient Takes Us Back 60 Years Before Until Dawn

Supermassive Games has announced The Inpatient, a prequel to the torturous Until Dawn set 60 years before that frightful night. And should the prospect of another murder-fest not terrify us enough, it will be a PSVR exclusive title, because nothing screams scary more than in-your-face scary.

The studio has assured newcomers to the series that its new characters and storyline makes it a standalone title, though we doubt a prequel would miss an opportunity to offer fans of the first a few cross-references.

You will play an unnamed patient trapped within the confines of Blackwood Sanatorium’s hallways; yep, that’s the same psychiatric hospital that featured in Until Dawn, and nope, we doubt it was ever a pleasant place to stay. As they say, ‘things get better with time’, which only means it was worse. Much, much worse.

The old guy in the trailer is named Jefferson Bragg, owner of the sanatorium and no doubt the crucial link between past and 2015 present. He is referenced in Until Dawn, but we won’t go into detail in case you, our readers, are still to play it.

The origin of the beasts encountered in Until Dawn can be traced back to the 1950s and Blackwood, which gives us an idea of what we can expect. But we are left in the dark (pardon the pun) over the finer details, such as story or premise.

We’re sure more will be revealed in the interim between now and its release next year. So stay tuned, friends, Pure PlayStation will keep you up to date. 


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