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E3 2018: Metro Exodus Escaping Russia in February

Arriving on February 22, 2019, the third game in the Metro series is all about survival. Metro Exodus will see Artyom and a group of survivors flee Russia for a better life. From the looks of the trailer, they are going to have to go through some terrible places and nasty creatures to get there.

Metro Exodus is a sandbox game that incorporates player choice into the consequences of its story. Over a course of a year in the game, you will cross harsh Russian terrain in all four seasons and not everyone will survive. Some of the areas have hazards such as flooding. Others are filled with killers, cults, and mutants. Give us flooding any day.

You will need to scavenge for resources in enormous open levels. The trailer looks solid, and there have definitely been some visual upgrades in the indoor and outdoor environments.

Get ready to experience the next tense chapter of the Metro series when Metro Exodus releases on February 22nd.

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Press Release from Deep Silver

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