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EA Motive’s Star Wars Game is Probably Going to Release on PS5

The studio being headed by industry veteran Jade Raymond, EA Motive, hasn’t been very forthcoming with information about its upcoming Star Wars game. EA has been holding its cards close to its corporate chest until now, but we do at least have a time frame for EA Motive’s original Star Wars game.

EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen recently sat down to talk with the guys at where he mentioned EA Motive’s new game.

“We have a team in Montreal that is building a brand new action franchise, probably for our Fiscal [Year] 2021 that also looks fantastic and very exciting. A new game, with a lot of new interesting gameplay that I don’t think anyone’s ever seen before,” Jorgensen revealed.

He also goes on to say that EA is targeting the “action” genre more aggressively as it sees it as a space that the publisher doesn’t really have a foothold at the moment. What with its various studios producing EA’s staple franchises that are mainly sports games and first-person shooters, EA wants more games in the vein of Anthem – a third-person action adventure in an open world.

However, we should keep our expectations in check. Going off of what Jorgensen said about EA Motive’s Star Wars game and its potential release window (2021) we shouldn’t expect to see much on PS4, at least not for a couple of years. It’s likely we’ll get another Battlefront and perhaps the re-worked game from the now defunct Visceral, but we reckon EA Motive’s game will be a PS5 release.


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