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ELEX Drops a New CG Trailer with a Release Date

Oh, sweet CG trailers. How we love thee. We sometimes love thee more than the actual game, but shiny, pretty things still capture our imaginations and attention. The latest trailer for ELEX has hit, and it showcases what is quickly becoming one of the defining parts of games  of this generation – the ability to choose and experiencing the consequences in a world-changing way.

Here is a refresh on the setup: you are on a post-apocalyptic world that has been hammered by a meteor. As you might imagine, some people can put their hands on swords and some people can grab shotguns, making this world both sci-fi and fantasy. You will be strolling through the planet of Magalan, making choices, picking factions, and generally shaping the world around you from a war-torn village to a volcanic wasteland if the trailer can be believed.

We will probably see more of ELEX at E3 in anticipation of their October 17th release date. If you need a little more realism, check out the gameplay video of the berserker faction at the bottom.

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