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Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter 2 Releasing Thursday

Elite Dangerous is having the first of its smaller updates hit on June 28th. Among other things, Chapter 2 will include new wing mining missions for you and your fellow commanders, more interactions with space installations, and tech brokers who can give you better guardian tech weapons.

The Thargoids will continue to be a problem, but the update will bring two new ships to deal with them. The Alliance Challenger is a new combat focused ship with better armor than The Chieftan. The Krait MK II will also be taking off in the new update, and you can watch the developers take it for a cruise in today’s YouTube stream.

As part of its content release plan for 2018, Chapter 2 is the second of four planned updates. The updates in the first and fourth quarter will have much larger impacts to the overall game mechanics, while the second and third quarter updates will make more modest changes to the existing game.


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