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Elite Dangerous Patch 1.07 Doesn’t Change Much

With upcoming content related to patch 1.06 (2.4 on PC) still on the way, you might have been very excited to see a new patch was downloaded for Elite Dangerous. You can knock off that excitement right now. It is not the release of the Type-10 ship. For the most part, patch 1.07 is mostly for stability and a couple of corrections. There you go. Your parade has been properly drenched in rain.

We will be getting our hopes up with every patch, so we will be right there with you. With so many new things on the horizon and many of the old things yet undone (we still have not made our first trip to Barnard’s Loop), there is plenty to keep us busy in Elite Dangerous for now. Until then, we have dropped the lean patch notes here for you to scan.

Fix for a hull reinforcement package incorrectly providing caustic resistance

Beluga Liner
Fixed some incorrect preview thumbnails and names for the Beluga Expedition Paint Jobs

Stability Fixes
Fixed an issue that was causing players to disconnect when attempting to load into game near a station


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