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Elite Dangerous Patch 1.12 Released and AX Fighter is Nerfed

Those of you who have been using the AX fighter to pummel your human opponents are not going to be surprised by today’s patch. The AX fighter has been made a little less dangerous to humans while retaining their lethality to the Thargoids. They were never intended to be so powerful, so they returned the anti-Thargoid variant to its original purpose.

The good news is that the AX fighter is now available at independent stations across the galaxy. This makes more sense than forcing pilots to visit particular stations to buy them. We have an alien threat. Why wouldn’t other stations want to carry a fighter meant to take it out?

The last part of the patch fixes paint jobs on the Keelback. That’s it.

The full patch notes are listed, and we will keep an eye out for any additional updates such as when we can fly the Type-10.


  • Fixed an issue with the AX Fighter’s statistics that rendered it more effective than intended against human targets
  • Aegis has arranged for the new AX variant of the popular Taipan fighter to be available at independent stations across the galaxy


  • Fixed an issue with misaligned Paintjobs for the Keelback.

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