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End Space for PSVR is Back on PSN in North America, Developers Working on European Release and Future Updates

End Space for PSVR was supposed to launch across the world on September 19th. It did, kind of, but it was quickly pulled from the PlayStation Store due to something being wrong with the game’s ESRB ratings.

Today the game has reappeared on the PlayStation Store after seemingly working out the kinks with the ratings boards, so it’s up and available to buy and download in North America. Us lot in the UK, Europe, Australia and elsewhere are currently living our lives without End Space. How are we managing? Honestly, it’s all down to holding hands and wishing each other the best.

The developer behind End Space has commented on Reddit saying that the team is working on getting the game out in other territories as soon as possible, and that it’s also working on new updates for the game that includes patching a bug that makes space travel seem really slow. So it’s a good news story all round, then. Hooray!

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