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Episode 3 of Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within is Available Tuesday

The trailer for episode 3, “Fractured Mask”, shows Bruce Wayne continuing his dangerous game with his new friends. John Doe is starting to connect with his inner psychopath. Harley is delving into Riddler’s past. Bruce is walking a fine line between working undercover and being the person he normally hunts. Add in an encounter with Catwoman, and you have a recipe for a solid episode.

Batman: The Enemy Within has been a great shift from the first season. Although not as outstanding as episode 1, episode 2 was still pretty good. We met Harley Quinn, and we fell in with a bad crowd. Our parents would be so disappointed.

The new trailer certainly makes us excited. We hope episode 3 continues the stronger narrative push for this season as Bruce Wayne starts to get his hands a little dirty and see crime from the other side. We’ll know for sure on November 21st.


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