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The Escapists 2 Embraces the Snow in Free Festive Update on PS4

Team 17 has released a new update for The Escapists 2 on PS4 that’ll bring festive cheer to the inmates. The new update, which is completely free, gives players a brand new snowy prison that’s packed full of goodies.

The goodies aren’t all that good for prisoners, but they do provide some challenging gameplay for would-be prison-breakers. There’s all the high-tech security equipment that you’d expect to find keeping the scum of the Earth behind bars, but you’ll also find something a little… strange. The warden of this prison is a big fan of Christmas, and so he’s converted the sports hall into a theatre and intends to put on a Christmas pantomime show at the expense of the prisoners’ well being. Sounds fair enough to us…

The update is out now and available to download on PS4 and other platforms. While you wait for the PSN to chug along, you can watch the launch trailer for the festive update up above.

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Team 17 Press Release

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