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Everybodys Golf Launching in August on PlayStation 4

Everybodys Golf is launching on August 29th in North America and August 30th in Europe, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced.

It is known as New Hot Shots Golf in Japan.

If you preorder on the PlayStation Store for $39.99 (Europe coming soon), you will receive an original avatar straight away before being gifted the following through a day one patch: 20th Anniversary Course, a Rabbit Mascot Costume, a Premium Kart, two unique shirts, and a dynamic theme. 

If you cannot wait to hit the greens then a closed online test will be running between May 26th to 28th. Sony has said that details will be emailed shortly to eligible players but do not explain how those players will be chosen or who they could be. So check your emails, and you’re mail whilst you’re at it; your Hogwarts letter could finally be delivered.

Everybody’s Golf is a new game for PS4! Anybody can play golf with basically only three button clicks. Now you can experience golf with a variety of character customizations, fishing, and karting across the courses. You can develop your skills with the challenge mode and compete with other players globally through the online mode.

Does our buggy look big in this? Be kind!

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