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Everybody’s Golf VR Tees Off on PSVR Spring 2019

Sony has officially announced, via the PlayStation Blog, that Everybody’s Gold VR will be releasing in the Spring of 2019. Before now we’ve only had confirmation that the game is in development, but now we have a release window. Hooray!

Spring 2019 is still pretty vague and covers a fairly large section of the calendar, but at least there’s some kind of release window to be excited for. This will be the first time the franchise has appeared on PSVR, so expectations are high and the hype around it will be, too. Ok, maybe not Uncharted or God of War levels of hype, but some people really do go nuts for a bit of cartoony golf.

Everybody’s Golf VR was officially unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, with the promise of a 2019 release. There’s a bit of gameplay up above with some dude strapped in to the PSVR headset, so give it a watch if you’re a fan of swinging digital clubs in a virtual space.

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