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The Evil Within 2 Wants to Know If You are Alright (Spoiler: Probably Not)

Have you been having trouble with falling asleep too easily? The launch trailer for The Evil Within 2 seeks to provide the cure for restful nights. To be honest, this is the scariest trailer we have seen yet, and the comforting teddy bear we are squeezing tightly agrees.

Detective Castellanos is suffering from the guilt of not be able to save his daughter, Lily, from the fire. He seems to have a chance to save her now, but he is stuck in a world of nonstop nightmares. This trailer has some real monstrosities on display, including images of his own daughter.

There also seems to be human dangers as well. The priest keeps asking him to join him, but it is probably not a good idea. Based on what we can only assume are other members of his flock, he does not offer dental or medical, and we will be either tortured or turned into a mindless supernatural psychopath. Fair warning, those questions are going to come up in the interview, Father.

Whether Sebastian can save his daughter or even keep himself from going insane should make for a terrifying experience. The Evil Within 2 is looking gorier (somehow, it’s possible) with a wider variety of evils than the first game, and the trailers we have seen so far indicate that your mind is in for a trip.

With a release date of October 13th, we do not have long to wait.

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