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Experience E3 in Your Local Cinema with Actual People (NA Only)

Sony is once again hosting their PlayStation E3 Experience, and they have posted a list of theaters in the US, Canada, and Latin America where you can join your friends and neighbors to watch the E3 presentation on June 12th and experience all the electric excitement of being there, without having to sit next to a jet-lagged journalist while they juggle all of their junk, as they try to be the first to tweet about Sony’s latest exclusive.

Unlike the insanely high prices for hotels and airfare to be at E3, claiming a ticket for this event is free. You will need a Gofobo account, and you will need to go to The tickets will become available on May 30th at 10:00 AM PT, and the PlayStation Blog advises you arrive well before the start time to make sure you have a seat. Our guess is that they will probably overbook the event a little. Unlike United Airlines, they will probably not try to pull screaming people out of chairs and bloody their noses, but it is safer to just be early.

As usual, you will receive some digital items to be unlocked on the PSN as part of attending, but you will also receive a poster and the #76 trading card. Speaking of cards, someone will be checking IDs at the event, and only gamers 17 and older will be admitted. We know most of you have fake IDs, so there will be a lot of people named McLovin at the event.

Most of the time, we cannot be bothered to leave our homes. The outside world is a scary place (Did you know there are clowns out there?), and we prefer to have a steady stream of booze, our preferred writing fuel, shoved underneath the door to keep from having actual contact with humanity.

Since there is a different feel to a live event, this may be a good time to venture forth into the world and watch E3 with other normal (using the term pretty loosely here) people. Will you be claiming a ticket and the swag that goes with it, or will you be watching E3 huddled around a computer or phone in your dirty underwear, bunny slippers, and hugging an anime body pillow?


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