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Fallout 4 VR Listed for PS4/PSVR Release

Well, how’s this one to start the day: Fallout 4 VR might, just might be getting a PS4/PSVR release. Maybe.

Aussie online retailer JB Hi-Fi has listed the game on its website for a 2017 release date for PS4/PSVR, complete with a bit of PS4 boxart.

There’s nothing official from Bethesda as of yet, But considering that it’s bringing Doom and Skyrim to Sony’s VR headgear later this year, it isn’t a totally ludicrous idea to entertain.

So remember to take this with as much salt as you like, but maybe we will see a surprise announcement sometime in the next few months.

Oooh, living dangerously on 1% there, Christopher

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