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Fans Get Their Phones Out as Share Function is Banned in Persona 5

Despite the recent popularity of the PS4’s share feature, Persona 5’s developer Atlus has banned the function that allows gamers to share videos and screenshots of their playthrough.

The studio has made the decision to prohibit the sharing of media due to the game being story-based, and will continue to be blocked even after it has launched worldwide.

“This being a Japanese title with solely a single-playthrough story means Japan is very wary about it,” an Atlus representative told Polygon. “Sharing is currently blocked through the native PS4 UI.”

Games have previously restricted the use of sharing features during certain parts (such as loading screens) but complete censorship is rather uncommon.

The restriction has not stopped players from sharing media via other means, with a Twitter search uncovering many phone snaps and videos. Japanese players have also found that the share feature does function during the opening animation and main menu, but Atlus were quick to state that it is disabled throughout the gameplay.

Persona 5 has been out in Japan since September 2016, and launches in the West April 4th.

We guess a ban is one method of preserving the game for future players, especially as it is linear and can only go one way. But all it really does is force users to find other means of sharing (which they will); in the end it doesn’t really stop a thing. 

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