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Far Cry 3: Classic Edition is an Enhanced Port, Not a Remaster

If you’re hoping that Ubisoft pulled out all of the stops for the PS4 release of Far Cry 3: Classic Edition, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

It was never really clear in the early marketing spiel what Far Cry 3: Classic Edition actually was. There was no mention of remastering, so perhaps that’s for the best as it’s true; this is not a remaster.

I’m only a couple of hours into the game and it’s apparent that this was a quickie to get the game out on the system. Don’t get me wrong – Far Cry 3 still looks pretty good on PS4, but there’s something decidedly last-gen about it. And no, there’s no 60 frames-per-second gameplay either. That’s not a concern for me, though, as I’ve only ever known the games to be 30fps experiences, so I won’t complain on that front.

What you get with Far Cry 3: Classic Edition on PS4 is a higher resolution and a more tolerable frame-rate. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a far cry (HA HA I MAKE JOKE) from the stuttering days of the Xbox 360 and PS3. If you didn’t play Far Cry 3 the first time around, it’s definitely worth a look on PS4 – just temper your expectations.

We’ll have our Far Cry 3: Classic Edition review up soon, so if you’re still on the fence and want a second opinion, my review will be up by the end of the week.


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