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Far Cry 5 Season Pass Detailed, Includes Far Cry 3 Port

We’ve already been introduced to the delightful clan of Hope County (or should that be No Hope County?). With their end of the world preachings and merciless pastor. But Far Cry 5 looks set to get a whole lot deadlier in far more exotic locations as Ubisoft release detailed information on the title’s Season Pass content. Looks like we’re all going to be able to do a Tim Peake. He’s been to space, you know…

The Season Pass will gift the holder three additional adventures. But you’ll need to grab your time machine, baseball bat and Nasa-approved means of identity because they all take place a little further away from Montana than one may have previously thought.

The first will see you pitting yourself against the ferocious Việt Cộng in their own back garden (Vietnam, if it wasn’t clear). This mission is titled Hours of Darkness but maybe that’s just Rambo with his hair in his eyes. Dead Living Zombies comes next, which spawns the undead in a variety of B-movie scenes. And finally there is Lost on Mars, which takes place on, you guessed it, the planet Mars. This is possibly the hardest of the three as you face the toughest foe of all – the spider! We know there are a few gamers here at Pure PlayStation HQ who may be hiding behind their kids in some form of bargaining…

But that is not all.

The Season Pass for Far Cry 5 will also come with a complimentary copy of a Far Cry 3 Classic Edition port, featuring the single player campaign only. This “remaster” (we do not know the extent of its improvements to current gen, hence the quotations) will be available to pass holders four weeks before it goes on sale as an individual purchase, though a price is yet to be announced.

The cost of the Season Pass is also unknown.

That is as much as we know right now, but Ubisoft has warned us to remain vigilant for future Far Cry 5 updates. They have promised to elaborate on the additional missions above and on the map editor feature.

Are you ready to leave your primal instincts behind and go all guns blazing in the wilderness that is Montana? Is Far Cry 5 looking like the top dog? Or will you miss the towers of Kyrat? 

Far Cry 5

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